Welcome to Villa Fiorita Restaurant






The Restaurant Villa Fiorita is known throughout the whole territory for the quality of the cuisine, the selection of products and the versatility of spaces. A perfect location for weddings, banquets and events thanks to the 6 dining rooms for a total of over 600 seats.


Your friends’ happy laughter, your parents’ emotional gaze, your little cousins merrily playing among themselves, the clinking glasses, the toasts in your honour, bouquets thrown, dances and songs, the two of you embracing, aware that your wedding is only the beginning of a long journey together. At Villa Fiorita this is how we imagine the day when you are united in matrimony, an unforgettable, joyful and sparkling day!


Thanks to the skill and dedication of our Master Chef, Emanuele Rizzoli, and his team, our cuisine is certainly a superb expression of our region, and takes its inspiration from the fusion of two cultures: Venetian cuisine, with its characteristic dishes based on fish from the lagoon and vegetables from the islands; and peasant cooking from the hills of the Treviso district, famous for its seasonal specialities such as mushrooms, red radicchio, and farmyard poultry with their strong flavours such as goose and duck.